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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hoof trims

Today was blacksmith day at the barn, we went down late this afternoon and I met Ely the Amish blacksmith who trimmed Cody and Aubrey last time. This is the second time he has done Cody's hooves and for years Cody has had cracks in both front hooves, one crack is now completely gone and a tiny little sliver of one is left on the other hoof.

Best of all Ely is a super nice person and is gentle with the horses and is very interested in body language and communicating non verbally with the horses he works on, he also floats teeth with out sedation. He did several horses as I watched and did a great job. Turns out he is good friends with our next door neighbors too and when he drives by in his buggy next time he is going to do the little horses hooves.

Ely charges a small fee for what he does and really has done the best trim I've ever seen, the teeth is an added bonus. Another great thing about today is the small group of people who board at out barn are so about horses and not all the fluff. They are nice to each other, no drama, and it's like a little family. There are girls Kylie's age there and the parents are really nice.

So we all stood around talking and joking while our horses were trimmed, everyone helped each other out and it was fun. Aubrey who has not been trimmed more than maybe twice stood quietly for Ely and was just grand. Both horses are trimmed up and are ready to go, Ely doesn't hot shoe either, he trims and measures and shapes the feet and the shoe without heating it up. All of the gaited horses get shoes and sometimes special ones, there's never a problem with the shoeing.

I'm frozen now because the sun started going down and the barn got cold, I am tired too but it is a good tired.

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