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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Panting Puppies

With the warmer weather and the rise in humidity, last night in my room it sounded like a group therapy session for a bunch of obscene phone callers... okay maybe even a convention of them. I opened the windows but still all I could hear was the dogs panting.

This weekend I'll be shaving some thick coats, as much as I hate to take away their beautiful fur, they feel and act so much better. Otherwise, they suffer sometimes even with the air conditioning. Really it is just the two Goldens, I give them a lion cut where they keep everything till shoulders and I take the rest off except for a little on their tummies and leave most of their tales.

Dusti has some really bad allergies and with taking his coat off and a good bath he suffers much less. His fur always grows back just as soft and full as ever. Daniel is just plain hot, he will grow everything back nice and soft since this is the third time I've shaved him for the hotter months.

Micah is never hot thank goodness, Cooper is a big cloud of fur but he is never hot, it isn't as thick and it doesn't lay so flat on his skin. He'll get a trim but on a much smaller scale, since they are my dogs I will trim first then bathe them and dry them, blowing out whatever loose hair is left.

For Dusti, I will make an aloe vera rinse which will give him relief from the itching he experience more around this time of the year.

The fact is that I need to sleep without all the noise and restless dogs that are not happy and totally don't want to snuggle because they are too hot. 

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