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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 10th a different day on all counts

Today started with an early morning appointment with the black smith for trims. It was a hot sticky day and humid from all of the rain. My system was down for work and got back home and it came up so all was well.

There were clouds and threats of storms all day. This was no ordinary day though, today marks the 16th birthday of my little girl. We didn't do much to celebrate because we are having a party in a couple of weeks for the occasion. Still, it is a milestone for her and for me.

Later in the day the tornado siren blew and it looked pretty rough out for awhile but the storm passed without major damage, it did however cool things down. The weather and a really bad bump on my head have made me feel pretty crappy this week. I hit my head on a corner of a metal table and I hit it hard enough to suffer for a few days with ice packs and all.

I knew the storm was unusually bad because Dusti my senior dog who doesn't like storms and generally just stays near me when a storm comes insisted on getting in bed while I had laid down for a few minutes with my head and buried his head under my arm and under the covers. Dusti pressed into me and was very disturbed, the siren went off so Kylie grabbed Nana and took the dogs to the basement just in case. I stayed up to keep an eye on things and Cooper escaped from the basement to herd me from the upstairs down there, he wouldn't take no for an answer.

This evening I bought Kylie ice cream, tomorrow hopefully will be a better day if it is cooler and her and I will try and get things done to get ready for her party. I am behind on all the work outside with so much rain and because of my head I just haven't done all of things I wanted to this week.

Thank goodness we didn't have a flood here as many in the area have, no trees blown down and nothing really but a lot of overgrown grass.

My little baby 16, time does fly by even more so now. When I think of myself when I was 16 and the battle I had to survive, I thank God that although not everything has been perfect that Kylie is safe and has had a chance to grow up being loved and provided for in a pretty peaceful environment. Of course, Nana shakes up that peace and quiet as much as she can.

I almost forgot, Kylie wrapped Nana in a towel and took her to the basement and you would have thought Nana was being kidnapped the way she was carrying on, she did not want to be manhandled and stuffed in a towel and held in it tornado or no. She put up a little fight and was cranky in her cage, suddenly loved me and ignored Kylie. If Nana only knew how important she was that we wouldn't leave her behind, on the other hand the washer and dryer are in the basement it was tempting to give her a little spin when she was being so bad, LOL

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