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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend in a few words

Saturday was hot and rainy but I did manage to clean my room and go to the store for beat pulp for the horses. We dropped off the stuff to the horses in the middle of a storm. I watched some TV and then went to bed.

Today started out slow for me, the weather was much nicer but I didn't feel like doing much, I did a little cleaning and Kylie washed Dusti and Cooper and I blew their coats out with a high power dryer. Lots of dog fur came off which is good, we will completely clean the house once all the dogs are done and the shedding stops.

I shaved Dusti, Daniel and Cooper partially so the final step is getting their coats washed and dried with high velocity dryers and that will clean their coats out completely.

The dogs hate the baths and tolerate the drying but when they are done they do their victory laps and feel much better. It's hard to do Dusti because he is getting old and fragile, so his trim is not perfect and his fur looks better but I could only work on him for so long before letting him rest.

I didn't do all the things I needed to get done this weekend but at least I got a couple of big projects done. I got some sleep too and through the week I will continue to get thing done that are on my list. This week it's the ponies stall, Daniel and Micah's bathes, vacuum the rest of the house and hang up pictures that are still not up.

Mowing the grass, finishing the trimming and weeding the garden, spraying round up on the driveway and getting the laundry caught up. I need to take the car in for an e-check and Kylie has a couple of appointments to see the dentist.

I guess there's more to do than I can write down here but I am hoping to knock off something everyday on my lunch break or in the evenings.

The summer is wet and is going fast, I called the sheep farmer we always bought hay off of and he is making me ten round bales of hay for the winter for the ponies. His is the best and it will be nice to visit him again like old times. I don't want to buy hay around here I guess because you build a relationship with your hay supplier and we are still close enough distance wise for it to be practical.

The price for hay is still high and so it pays to plan ahead and stick with a reliable source for the winter. If it keeps raining who knows what the prices will rise to again if they can't get the hay cut on time.  

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