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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Like living in a greenhouse

Lately, it has been feeling like I live in a greenhouse except it's not the inside of my house that is the problem, it's the outside. Rain and humidity with short periods of sun is what the weather is all about these days.

It's green out and everything is growing very fast, lots of birds and from the window it looks grand but the humidity and the power of the sun is not so grand.

I don't tolerate humidity like I used to and it gets me down, I know the rain is another thing that is starting to get me down because we are getting so much of it. I did manage to cut most of the grass in spite of the rain, the weeds are a whole separate issue.

I am looking forward to being off tomorrow, I haven't had any vacation days yet so it is always nice to have an extra day off. I have plenty to around here though. 

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