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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Something to write about

This weekend we built an inexpensive fire pit off the patio to enjoy in the evenings and for Kylie's birthday party, we also went grocery shopping and did some small things around the house. The lawn in front is still a little soft so I won't mow it till later this week.

We went to the barn yesterday and groomed and brushed the horses and today we went again in the evening because of the heat. We put a bit in Aubrey's mouth which we had not done since last year and he seemed to be more comfortable with it, Kylie usually rides him in the arena with just a halter and rains. The reason for the bit is because I decided we needed to ride both horses outside around the barn and driveway to take the first step towards trail riding.

Next time we will ride on the boarder of the big pasture and into some of the surrounding farmland. Years ago Cody and I did trails and he was a great trail horse, Aubrey is still young and Kylie has not trail ridden him. So, today was an experiment to see how it would go and end on a good note.

Cody was happy to go and seemed confident just like the old days and Aubrey just trailed along a good distance a long with his head down. Truly it was only for a few minutes but it felt so freeing, it reminded me of a different time in my life years ago.

I look forward to evening rides with Kylie, it will be nice to enjoy the horses and nature without drama or pressure to do more with Aubrey. Maybe it's a new beginning for Cody and I.

This week we have a list of things around here to get done and I'm afraid it's going to be hot again. Thank goodness for the cool of the evening, I do my outside work as the sun goes down. We will try riding again another evening outside and go a little further out each time. 

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