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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Absolute joy!

Today was a wild day from the start. Mr. Graham stopped by to give me an estimate on fixing the water leak, Brian stopped by to drop off a hay elevator to use for the hay delivery tomorrow and the boarders came down late evening to play with their horses.

I worked on the block building all evening to get it ready for kenneling 9 dogs and the usual chores. All the horses went out after the storm we had this morning and Mare Girl seems to be getting some more energy and spirit. William is improving his attitude and seems to be less anxious.

The absolute pinnacle of the day was the ride I took on Cody, who is the love of my life when I can take the time to ride him. We took a cruise down the long driveway and over to Griff's house for a visit and then out to the pasture. Cody seemed to enjoy exploring like he used to when we'd go on trail rides. He's filled out nicely on the pasture grass and we even took a little jump in the arena. No stress, just a nice casual ride around and being out in the sunlight. I thanked God to be able to ride him again like I used to years ago if even just for a few minutes! 

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