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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soooooooooo tired now

We have nine dogs in the kennel and one coming for daycare tomorrow! Plus we are still doing a pet sit during the day and of course there are our fur babies and the horses and Nana to take care of!

Things are hopping and I love it. It was hot today and we were on the move. We had a private session in the arena with a trainer, client and pit bull too. Griff stopped by with coffee and donuts and luckily didn't have to throw them in the air and run! I hate to see a good donut go to waste. Hay was delivered, a leak fixed and now it is past my bedtime and I am feeling it.

Tomorrow we are going out for a movie in the evening as I have two free tickets for Kylie and I and Griff is coming along to buy the refreshments. He is even going to go into Fairlawn with us which he hates cause it's crowded. I think going out away from the work will do us good and we don't do it often enough. This place is sort of like reality TV and never dull but a break is good.

Okay, early morning tomorrow but it should be cooler and so I will sleep well and drink lots of coffee in the morning!

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