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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Positives everywhere

I spent time with a good friend this weekend who I enjoy doing things with of the male persuasion believe it or not. I did not do much work on digging the water line up and will have to focus on it again during the week. Shirley and I hung fans from the ceiling in the barn yesterday and I did my pet sit and this and that around the farm.

Today I cleaned the stalls but the rest of the time I took it easy and just hung out. Kylie is back and had a great time with her friends at Kalahari. I have a lot to do tomorrow with plenty of phone calls. Jennifer came for her class today and we talked with another trainer about agility classes and so I need to find some equipment. It was also decided that eventually herding classes will be taught here so hopefully we will find sheep and a couple of goats. I have wanted to move in this direction for a long time and now I have met people who can teach it.

My computer is dying so I'll continue this later!

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