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Monday, June 13, 2011

A very nice weekend, busy but a blast

My brother came down Friday night and we went to the store and got some groceries. I was up very early Saturday and went to Home Depot, did a pet sit, the usual chores and let nine dogs out in the kennel.

I came home and worked on an outside enclosure I made for the kennel and my brother helped clean up the arena. It seems like the rest of Saturday was a blur except we all went over to Griff's for hot dogs. I spent some time visiting with him and then it was back to work. Greg and I sat on the front porch and talked and laughed about things we had both done when we were younger. Greg is a great brother and friend, we are very close. Kylie and uncle Greg do things together and she loves to show him things she's made and is interested in on the internet.

Sunday was hang a door day which took forever because the door was to big and we had to get one cut at Home Depot. In spite of the fact it was frustrating we had a good time doing it and we learned from our mistakes. Later Sunday we went to Griff's for guess what? Food! His daughter and grandson were there visiting and we gave Auron his grandson a hair cut, he is only four but so very cute.

Back to work for the rest of the day again but we got caught up and there will plenty to do for the rest of the week to be sure. 

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