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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today was really fun and my life takes a turn again

Yesterday was a bit frustrating but today good things happened all day. I am sort of getting involved with someone new who has been really patient and good to me for almost a year. I feel comfortable getting closer and so things are moving in a forward direction. I'm happy and it is becoming less complicated.

Kylie had a great time today going to an art exhibit with Ben and his family. We discovered that we have a water leak that will have to be dug up and fixed. I will do the digging but will have to find someone to help fix the plastic pipes.

The horses enjoyed the cooler temperatures as did I. I didn't get have the things done today that I needed to but I will continue to try tomorrow. For one thing, the house needs another good cleaning. I hate when things get dusty and dirty but it can be a challenges sometimes to do the cleaning with so much going on. I did groom a dog today which was unexpected and we will have Scrappy coming in tomorrow. I am also doing a long term pet sit for someone for most of June.

Tomorrow will be interesting as I have several appointments and someone is coming to take some boulders I sold. I also have to meet with an accountant. I better go to bed now as I will have to hit the ground running in the morning. 

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