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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A productive weekend

Yesterday I visited a friend that does estate liquidation sales, she was a home in Medina working on a sale. We have almost no furniture for a house the size we are living in now and I have limited funds so we found some things we can use that were a fraction of the cost to buy new or even Good Will.

I picked up some really nice used cabinets for the garage that gave us storage and counter space, I beautiful handmade trunk and two chairs for the kitchen to go around the counter. All for almost nothing, we went to Jo Anne Fabrics and Walmart afterwards. We found two yards of really elegant fabric at Walmart for $3 to upholster the two bar stools we already had plus the two chairs we got that have backs. They will all match when we are done.

The trunk has some scratches on the top but the rest of it is beautiful so we bought upholster samples for $1 a piece and we are going to patchwork them to make a cushion for the top of the trunk. We again have storage and a place to sit on if necessary.

I wanted to get the back of my pickup full of pine bark knots but I couldn't afford it right now so we bought some bags at Walmart and it was a start.

Kylie's birthday is in July, at the end of the month we will be having a party because she turns 18. I want things to look nice and also we needed seating. We won't  be able to get any outdoor furniture this year for the patio but we will run across something nice at some point in the future. We have a huge patio but no furniture.

I would rather recycle by buying used items and changing them to make them our own. It is a very cheap way to decorate and no one will have exactly the same thing. It does take work though and I am glad we have a garage big enough to work on things and to keep tools handy.

With it raining so much this week the yard will be out of control so I'll have to get that under control again.

The horses are all happy now with a cooler day and a little fly spray. I moved my grooming table around and with the bigger counter space for my grooming tools I am ready to buzz some dog behinds,  get all the dogs shampooed and blow out.  There is however only so much time in a day so everyday will be a project till the party.

We put Nana in the sunroom on a perch while we were working in the garage and we thought she'd just be happy being out of her cage and in the sunlight and fresh air. She was okay for awhile but wanted human companionship even though she had the other birds nearby. We didn't have time to entertain her and she was okay for awhile. I had to go in the house to get something and when I walked into the kitchen Nana was hanging off the outside of her cage.

Nana hopped off of her perch in the sunroom and walked herself into the kitchen and climbed up her cage to the locked door and was waiting for someone to let her in. After that she was quiet and went to bed without too much fuss. She's a silly bird sometimes but she is happy in her cage home next to the refrigerator where she doesn't miss anything, especially food. 

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