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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to living a horsey life

Today we went out to see our boys at the barn and spent almost the whole day with them. We let them out in the arena to sniff around and Cody just took a walk around till he founds some tiny pieces of hay and Aubrey checked everything out with curiosity.

The were settled in enough to take them and give them both baths. The dirt that came off of them was unbelievable. It was gritty dirt and both had stall stains on them. They both pranced a little with the water but seemed to really enjoy it after the fact. We let them go again in the arena know full well they would roll but the arena was clean and we let them roll and walk around picking at small pieces of hay while they dried.

We brushed them out really well and their tails and mane were already much nicer. Their poor legs had long term dirt ground in below the knees, we washed their legs good. Tomorrow we will wash them again and scrub them and we will then condition their tails and manes. Cody has a rub spot on the bridge of nose from his halter and I am going to put a little dab of bacon grease on it till his hair grows back. It's an old trick that I have heard works really well.

We fed them before we left and they were calm. When I first came in the barn Cody was actually taking a nap, he probably hadn't done that in a long time. The space, the clean bedding, and the quiet is what he needed, he will be feeling more energetic I am sure.

We went home dirty, smelly and wet but we had a great time. I am tired, the good type of tired. I am going to give the little ones here at home a good bath and scrubbing and then go to the barn and we will let the horses out on some grass for a little while and lunge them too. It's all good!

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