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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Having a long weekend, living with a teenager and other madness

It was nice to have 3 days off, I made sure and get a few things done before it got here so the time could be spent with the horses and other things.

Kylie and I went to Hobby Lobby to look around and it turns out that Kylie is old enough to work there, 16. Monday she went in and filled out an application, she was scared to death. She asked for the manager and handed it to them personally, after she came back to the car I thought she would pass out.

Saturday we went out to let our horses out for a couple of hours, we fly sprayed them really well because the flies as big as dinosaurs were still biting pretty bad. They were comfortable and it was a pleasure to see them outside in pasture.

Sunday we looked at barns closer to home and Medina because if Kylie does work it would be better to be going that direction instead of the opposite. I also want to be able to visit the horses on my lunch hour. I have learned a lot about different board situations, the tough part is we had our own place and we took the care more seriously than some places I've looked at and also the place we are at not.

I hate the idea of moving my horses again but until I can bring them home or buy another farm, I need them as close as possible and they need a place where they can be outside where an older horse like Cody will be safe. I know only too well what older horses need.

It's such a shame with the job that I have now and the income that we don't have a nice boarding place to run, the old place as far as the house, needed a lot of work, that would have not been a problem and I probably could have financed it by now, the only issue of course would have been the asking price. It was too high and I doubt if an appraisal would have come very close to that price. I am not going to look back with regret though, we are in God's hands and I have to trust it all was for the best. I just hate not having Cody safe at home, Aubrey is young and boarding him is easy but an older horse it isn't so simple. Again, I just have to believe God will take care of it.

My phone completely died, not fixable just dead. I ended up having to sign another contract with my carrier to get another phone, I was thinking of going to NET10 but it just going to work because my phone completely died. It cost us pennies to upgrade both our phones, my daughter's was ancient and I will probably buy a wifi booster for better coverage at home and keep a minimum data plan. I will most likely drop the cable tv because I am determined to save up money for the future. The future that includes my horses!

Kylie is really struggling with issues that teenagers and especially teenage girls can encounter. She is going to a Christian class that includes discussions about marriage, love, self esteem, relationships etc. they made the mistake of saying she would have to submit to her husband and basically would have no say. Kylie was just completely taken aback, she just thinks it's terrible. I kind of think it humorous watching her get really up in arms about such things. It will be interesting to see how she feels in a few years if she does meet someone.

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