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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The move was a success

It was a busy week, I went to see the horses but didn't do more than mix their beet pulp, give them treats and love on them some. Yesterday I moved the pony fence and went grocery shopping and cut grass. Today was set aside for spending time with Cody and Aubrey.

I brushed Cody out and washed all of our grooming brushes and tools, they were pretty dirty. I cleaned out the ground feeders and rinsed out the container used for the soaking beet pulp. Kylie and I free lunged the two boys and they were full of energy but calm.

Cody had more energy than he has had in several months, I know when things cool down horses can get more energy but I think the biggest reason he feels better is the rest he is now getting in his stall. There was always commotion everywhere non stop at the other barn, the stall was small and always wet and Cody really didn't have enough privacy to rest.

Older horses are still curious but they need to rest and feel comfortable enough to lay down and take a nap. All horses need a stall that if they want to interact they can or if they want quiet and to have alone time they can.

Kylie rode Aubrey for awhile why I cleaned up the brushes and feeders, I saddled up Cody towards the end of her ride and he had some go in him. I was happy that he seemed to enjoy it more and wasn't so tired. We trotted around some cones and jumped over a PVC pipe and just had a little fun.

We'll be riding outside soon, the place sits back far away from roads and houses and has a short trail and a big outdoor arena. It will be fun just to fool around outside and pretend like we are big adventurers. The most important thing is everyone is happy and safe.   

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