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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The week that flies by, not a great week but it will be over soon

Monday was a root canal, I haven't slept as well lately either so I was feeling kind of bad anyway. I had a great deal of stress from last week with the horses that took some time to settle.

Yesterday I had to call a collection agency and try and negotiate some things, still left over bills from last year when we lost the farm. It takes time to pay off bills and get things right. I paid off many of them last year but I can't payoff everyone at one time. The call went okay.

Kylie had to go to her teenager group last night and with the heat yesterday I was feeling pretty tired by the end of the day which was late.

I have been working on a group of loans for the same borrower, I look at loans after they close to make sure they are salable to Fannie Mae etc. because there were so many loans to look at all at once my brain was pretty well drained too, it took about three days to get through them.

I found some problems that took a lot of research and that takes time as well as many emails and phone calls. I'm done with it now except the follow up work.

Today after work we went to see the horses, they are clean and happy. It made a huge difference for therm, they just seem to feel better and so do I.

The heat yesterday and today was something else, one parrot in the sun room was actually panting yesterday and she is a tropical bird. I put a fan on them, Nana is in air conditioning and she is a spoiled bird anyway.

I think we'll get a storm and things will cool down, I hope it is cool for the weekend because I still have plenty to do outside. I don't mind a hot sun but I don't do well with high humidity.

Tomorrow Kylie is getting some cavities filled and it's work for me as usual and then the horses. I hope to cut the grass too as I haven't done that this week and it's grown up pretty well. I like to let it grow some once and awhile and then cut it, all that mowed grass goes back into the ground.

The trees I planted that were tiny this year have grown several inches and I am not worried that they won't make it. We still have various flowers blooming and the runaway tomato plant on the side of the house is going like crazy.   

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