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Monday, September 1, 2014

Friday was a terrible day but it turned around Saturday

I finally called my brother and asked him to come down which he did Saturday. He bought us much needed groceries and talked to Kylie giving her the support she needed about school and her decision to go into a masculine profession. I never realized how bad you can feel when you aren't eating enough or the right kinds of foods. I feel 100% better now, we have enough groceries until we receive help from the county.

My sister made me go up to the gas station and she gave them her card information and she put gas in my car. We had no gas either. I talked to the feed store and got a bag of horse feed and will bring them the money next week, we had no feed or cat food either.

Saturday I went to meet a family that needs to hire someone to feed their goats and horses while they travel and work so it's a 6 day a week job, an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It isn't far from here and will bring in some much needed cash. I also have a date next weekend to help a farmer worm some sheep in exchange for some hay.

I am working the contract job every day and adding to my income by doing these side jobs, if I can just get a decent sum together to get us caught up we might be able to make it from this point on, problem is getting the rent payment all together at one time without letting everything else go. I will be working on what to do about it this week.

I am on the look out for a job at a stables that will let me work off board for our horses saving me $500 a month. I think I will be working 14 hour days soon but it is better than loosing everything and everyone.

I started my programming class and I really like it, I think it will be something I enjoy and eventually it will turn into a good job. The rates are going to go up and I think the mortgage jobs are going to be dead and there will be more layoffs to come. I am very happy I decided to start working on a plan to get into a better career. For now though I will be hustling 24/7 anyway I can to make things workout.

Funny, I thought I was through working with animals and farms, seems I've been led back to it. With decent food and rest I'll be able to do this. Yes, eating does make a difference!

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