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Thursday, September 4, 2014

What it takes to survive

We got a card for groceries finally, I went and got groceries and stocked up. On Facebook I saw a post running down people for getting food assistance, whining about being middle class and making it seem like people who get assistance are some kind of low lives. Well, I've worked hard all my life, I've gone starving for weeks and worst of all my daughter has starved too and I am auditing files of people who have lost their jobs and are trying to hold on to there homes and it's a problem in this country and good hardworking people are forced to take help when they'd rather not.

So many people in this country hate the poor and struggling, it makes me sick. Okay so you can work and have enough to live on which is becoming more and more a privilege these days and judge everyone else. I wish people would just be thankful for what they have and have compassion for those who don't. It's an ugly society we live in today. The last two companies I have worked for outsourced service jobs to other countries, if someone wants to blame someone to make themselves feel better they need to start with the large corporations who have sold them out and forced people to turn to assistance just to survive.

There are dishonest people in this world that work the system with welfare and unemployment but every job I have ever had someone was cheating there too so it is hypocrisy to kick around people who are down on their luck unless you can clean house from the top down.

Anyway, our assistance won't last long because I can earn very little with the contract job before we loose it which is okay, we'll get by, at least we won't starve for a month. I took a job at a little farm down the road to work morning and evenings feeding and chores, later today I am going to talk to another farm which has horses to see if I can work there too. It will be tough balancing 3 jobs and college coursework but it is what it is.

I will gladly do what I can to keep our little band of animals, the house and Kylie safe. I am asking God to give me strength and determination to do these things and to keep everyone safe. Kylie is feeling better about school now that she is settling in and making friends. There's lots of changes going on in her life and she is at an age where there is a lot of stress and perceived worries.

I am helping her a little with studying at night too but for the most part she is doing well and I am glad she is able to go to the career center. The one thing that is difficult is not having a car for her and it is also hard not having a truck, I could do so much more with a pick up truck but maybe if we can make it through this winter Kylie will be working and we can get a beater truck which will give her transportation and me something to haul things with like hay and sawdust.

The weather is hot and that gets to me these days, hopefully it will cool down again which will make the labor outside easier. Besides all of the work for others I have plenty here to do which I will space out to get things cleaned up before winter. It would be so much easier if the horses were here, I wouldn't have to worry about board and could do the chores here and just do one extra job on the side but no money for fencing or an outbuilding for them at this time and so we will do the best we can, I love them and I will do my best with what I have and leave the rest to God. 

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