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Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, lots of catching up to do

Lets see, this month has been rough and fast paced. First the brakes on the truck, the air conditioning in the house and then we lost water for a day. All very difficult but the solutions came reasonably well and I thank the good Lord for that.

We have been busy with multiple dogs because it is vacation season. I am happy to have good business and to enjoy all the wonderful pet personalities I get to meet and get to know.

Will is going to a foster home on Thursday and he has been with us for two months now. He's ready for the next step in his journey for a forever home. We had two dogs that came in that might of ended up rehomed because of behavior but one is going to be kept by the family and the other is going to a good home where he will be better suited to the environment.

I also have a lovely rottweiler we are caring for while the owner is in the hospital for a month, her name is Sheeba and she is darling.

Tomorrow, Mike one of our boarders is going to help me fix the area where Aubrey is so that he has more privacy. I have a new bedroom suit for Kylie and we are in the middle of cleaning and moving things around in the basement and taking her old bed out so the house is a mess for this week.

The past weeks I have been able to organize and fix some things in the barn and in the back area of the property. I will be weed wacking most of this week to get things shaped up to make things look more appealing. I didn't do much of the weeding while it was so hot but now I am ready and I did some spraying too which will hopefully help for the rest of the growing season.

Griff fixed Kylie's bicycle and gave me one and so we will all be riding around getting some exercise. He picked up a go-cart that needs work and it will be fun here on the farm to ride around in. We all went over to Marcie's place for pizza last weekend and Griff gave my brother a gas grill he had and Uncle Gregg was surprised.

Kylie got to go to Cedar Point twice in one week which is nice because she hasn't had a real vacation and she works hard on the farm most of the time and I was glad she had fun. She is also riding Aubrey almost every day now and they are both doing very well.

I visited a fun alpaca farm over the weekend and got to pet them and see some babies. I have pictures and will post them soon.

It's been a fast summer and soon Kylie starts school again. I hope to be making improvements in the kennel when Will moves on and continue to make space for dog boarding. My dogs are really enjoying the socialization they give to other dogs that visit the farm when they need it.

Shirley had company for a week and a half and was slacking on her barn responsibilities but is back to business now. She is being very brave by considering fostering a very special needs Saint Bernard. This place does bring people and animals together. Kindred spirits together here at Kindred Acres. The name didn't mean as much when I chose it as it does now.

I am rich in good friends, fun and treasured creatures!

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