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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting things done

This morning started with a nice breakfast with friends at an area pet professional meeting and I gained some valuable information and enjoyed the company. I moved on to a doctor's appointment and received a referral for some tests to check out a lump. I hate doctor stuff so my brother is going to go with me for courage.

Later in the day I did some chores and Kylie and I had a talk about getting more things done. Kylie is 14 and a great daughter but the work is hard here sometimes and she needs to help more. Tomorrow her school starts online so we will have to get things in order so there is time for the studies.

I got the basement completely cleaned and am ready to start on the rooms on the first floor. Heavy stuff got moved with a little help and I feel better now. I always start to freak out when the house gets to messy. I like things to be tidy after working all day. Of course, with birds and feather dust, four dogs and a busy schedule (did I mention the 14 year old to) it is a challenge.

My mom was brutal about a clean house and I guess that stuck with me but not to the extreme it was growing up. I do feel better though when everything feels clean and fresh.

Tomorrow will be more cleaning and maybe some work outside here and there. I hope to have a quieter day tomorrow but we will see. Tornado watch tonight with thunderstorms, I hope it passes us without turning into something big. I hate late night drama. 

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