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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There is no greater pleasure

Today a gentlemen asked me about dogs we board and I told him about Sheba. Sheba is a Rottweiler and she is the sweetest dog, her owner is very sick and need to send her someplace for awhile but didn't have the money to pay for board. I decided to take Sheba for a month to help out because so many times good people have helped me out. The gentlemen called me a sucker. Sheba's owner will not be able to take her back so I am going to foster her until she can be placed in a new home.

I wonder in my heart who is the sucker here. I know what is like not to be wanted, to feel helpless and alone in a not so nice world. But, I made up my mind a long time ago that my life would have purpose. I want to leave this world someday knowing I helped, I did something to make it a better place. People who live only for themselves are really the suckers for they miss out on the beauty and the good. It seems that so many hold on to small and petty things and never see the brilliant daybreak of giving and sharing.

I've been blessed in my life in so many ways and it's like throwing a stone into the water just watching the ripples when one life is changed, even a dogs life. I won't accept the ridicule but instead go to sleep at night feeling good about the labor of my days.

Today was a good day and I sat with Sheba and let her know I loved her. I am excited for her to have a special person to take care of her for the rest of her life. Will is recovering from being neutered and I am going to walk him tomorrow and start working on basic commands.

I hope to ride my horse Cody tomorrow because that always makes me feel really good. My dogs are here with me now content to sprawl out for a good sleep. The parrots are all asleep in there funny way with their beaks tucked under their feathers. Bunny is awake of course and hoping for a night time carrot.

All is well at Kindred Acres Farm with a rag tag group of people and animals. Things are as they should be. 

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  1. You are certainly NOT the sucker, but a kind and loving person. Pity there are not more like you in the world today....