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Sunday, April 13, 2014

End of a busy weekend

Litchfield sprung to life this weekend, the warm sunshine seemed to bring everyone outdoors. I have to admit I enjoyed it myself. I finished my job today with a Newfoundland that had been partially dried without his coat being blown out and with what was dried the hair was knotted from the dryer. I was thankful that he was a sweet gentle giant and I worked on him till I got him straitened out. A good bather is worth their weight in gold, it is more than just giving a dog a bath, it is using the right products, washing and working in the shampoo and most importantly dry the dog with skill while brushing out the coat.

I did not have the advantage of having a good bather and if I plugged in more than one dryer the breaker would shut off and I'd have to stop and flip it back on. It was a challenging day to say the least. I drove over to where Kylie works afterwards and bought her a late lunch and stayed with her for awhile. I came home and then we went to the farm sit and finally home for the evening.

Tomorrow I will start getting things cleaned up around here and get the posts in for the fence. I am hoping to spend some time with our horses too. I am also praying for a good job opportunity to come along since things are picking up. 

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