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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Going from nothing to total chaos

I picked up fence on Monday and started grooming on Tuesday. The week went well, I started the farm sitting on Thursday. I like farm sitting the best, it's peaceful going to a farm and I see to seniors, a horse and a mule, some cats and two dogs. They are great animals and know their routine very well.

Kylie worked Friday evening, Saturday and she will work tomorrow. I am really proud of her, she gets ready for work on time and has integrity. I took her to a steel shop this week to look at metal sheets for her projects, she was really fascinated by it all.

The old truck sold at auction and did really well which is good news, we need the money this month to keep the lights on, food, board, and the lease payment. I did get some calls and emails from some of the jobs I submitted my resume to and that means are starting to pick up.

Our bunny Theodore went off of his food and had a flare up of snuffles, it's a bacterial issue that causes an upper respiratory infection that if not treated can be fatal. I picked up some antibiotics and started giving him spinach and cleaned his cage. Theodore is better now even without the antibiotics and I am relieved. I just couldn't go through another death right now, he is such a sweet bunny and we've had him for a few years.

Towards the end of the week the grooming didn't go so well. There is no bather and the dogs are big and have long full coats. I would bet that most of the dogs I have done have been roughed up by the previous groomer and that makes it tough. Today there were too many dogs booked and I had a bather for a couple of them but bathed the rest myself. One person wanted me to cut her elderly dogs nails till they bled to get them short enough and I refused. I was able to sand the down without hurting the dog and get the nails shorter.

To do a good job grooming and for the dog to feel relaxed there needs to be a bather and a groomer when there are more than three or four dogs in a day unless they are small and short haired. I doubt if the owners of the place will agree with me that is why I think the dogs were roughed up. When I see such fear in dogs that are groomed regularly something is not right.

I told the owner's of the place I wasn't comfortable and I will work tomorrow and that's it. I worked in a great grooming shop before and they did 8 or 10 dogs a day minimum but there were two bathers and one groomer. The dogs loved going there and they were washed dried and groomed to perfection. I am a much better groomer just from working at the other shop, I learned so much and it's a shame things aren't going to work out but I won't put dogs through it or myself.

I start school at the end of the month and if I don't pick up a good job this month will continue dog boarding here and pet sitting. I also have to finish putting up the fence and redoing the pony fence before the grass starts growing tall.

Tomorrow is going to be a tough day, I will be glad when it is over. I will take Kylie to work in the morning go to the farm sit and head to the shop and finish it up. I have to pack up my equipment and bring it home. I think I will be relieved really.

I am so grateful for the sunshine and the warmth, I realize that I felt very down and it may have been mostly the weather, of course getting some interest in my resume didn't hurt either. I try and thank God everyday and remind myself not to complain, it's not easy sometimes but I feel better when I drive the negative thoughts away and keep being thankful. 

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