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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunny days and being busy

This weekend we were pretty busy and the weather turned out to be nice. Saturday Kylie went to work in the morning and I picked her up and took her with me to a farm sitting appointment, afterwards, I drove her to a friends house so she could go to a concert.

Today I interviewed for a part-time job grooming which went very well and I will be working there a few days a week for some extra cash. After I picked up Kylie from work this evening we met the equine dentist at the barn and Kylie paid to Aubrey's teeth done. He needed his wolf teeth taken out and he had some really sharp edges that were causing his cheeks to be irritated. The dentist let us feel the edges and they were very sharp. I think Aubrey will be feeling much better and be more comfortable from now on. The dentist said Cody's teeth were pretty good so nothing needed to be done for him right now.

I started putting fence posts in Saturday and the ground was so soft I could slide the T-Posts in almost all the way without having to pound them. I will be picking up the actual fence tomorrow and start putting it up on the posts. My sister sent me money to put up a dog fence which I am really happy about. My dogs will be safer and when I watch other's dogs they will be able to go out and play.

I will have to move the pony fence this week and keep them mostly on the round bale so the grass can get a chance to grow. Their electric fence will continue from the dog fence out into the field and they will have a nice big space once the grass grows in.

Kylie drove the car in the parking lot several times this week but freaked out a little because a car came down the side of the lot, it takes coordination to drive a stick shift so we will take it slow until she can do well enough to drive and be able to focus on the road instead of the clutch.

I miss having a truck, it is going to be tough to get some things done without it. I used the truck for so many things but we will get by for now. Surviving has to be the main focus for awhile. It isn't going to be easy to stay in this house and keep things going with a pieced together money situation. People who have never experienced this don't really understand, it's bad when you have to go without food to keep the lights on and you can't even buy a bag of socks when  you need to for example.

I know people all over have it much worse than we do right now, I try to remember that and also when we can help someone else we do because if we can we should. It just makes difficult times easier to bare when you can at least do something good for someone else or they try and help you along.

One big plus is the flea market is open now, I saw some dog crates today there and when I have a couple of dollars I'll buy one or two for keeping dogs here at home. I like to walk around and just look at things and sometimes I find something I can use that I would have to pay more for somewhere else. Mostly though it will be dog crates for now.

I hope to have the fence done in the next few days, hopefully the truck will sell on Thursday at auction and that will at least get us through this month and then we'll see.

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