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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The truck goes to auction

Monday I started calling around for a tow for the truck. Big Yellow has a cracked frame and so it is time for her to be sold at a salvage auction. When I started calling around and explaining what I needed I ended up with guys who wanted to buy the truck for nothing and then sell it for a profit obviously. It took a few calls and lots of frustration until I got some help from one of the woman who is part of the auction company and got the truck over there. The trucks engine only has 42,000 miles on it and it is worth something. The money would certainly come in handy now.

We lost one of our little bunnies during the night on Tuesday, he died in his sleep. He didn't seem sick or anything, I just got up and noticed him and I knew right away he was gone. Big bunny is kind of quiet, I expect it is because he lost his little companion. We took him out today and held him and gave him carrots.

Kylie and I did get a chance to ride our horses this week which is good, the weather got warm fast and today it rained and is chilly. I feel some relief getting the truck to auction, it had been sitting at a friends house for a couple of months. I got a good look at the crack in the frame when it was put on the flatbed truck. Really it was broken straight through and separated about an inch, we could have been killed in the thing. It was sad to see it go because of the memories but it was over for the truck.

My sister sent me some money to buy the things I need to build a fence in the backyard, it is for when I board dogs, it is safer to have a fenced in yard. I will be happier with my dogs safe in the backyard too and still be able to run around.

I am still looking for work which I am not finding, I am fighting the blues because not having a job or a lead on a job is depressing. I feel kind of restless and unsure of things. At the same time I know I need to keep motivated and also use the time I have off to get things done and to spend time with Kylie and the animals.

Now if the truck will sell at the auction that will be helpful and maybe this month won't be so bad, right now I don't have enough money to pay everything. Kylie is practicing her driving skills in the school parking lot and getting better at shifting gears. Next, we'll have to try driving on the road.

I will be doing some pet sitting and farm sitting the next two weeks that will help pay some of the bills. I did buy some groceries today, we didn't have much and I went to Aldi's and got some food to get us through the weekend. I hope it dries up outside and we have a few more days with sunshine, I know that will make more motivated. 

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