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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The horror

Beautiful warm weather and then this morning the first thing I see is snow on the ground, the horror. Of course it will be gone in a day but still after the winter we had it's hard to look at. Yesterday I picked up the last of the fence and will start installing it this week on a warm day.

I feel bad for the horses and other animals outside, it's going to be really cold tonight. Kylie rode Aubrey yesterday and there were three other horses in the arena, he did really well. Kylie was frustrated because she was almost saddled up when others showed up and sort of took over the arena, she wanted to work on some of Aubrey's issues under saddle but couldn't do it. They still had a good ride and like in all boarding barns there are always some people who don't respect others. We will work around it coming out earlier or at night to make sure we have some alone time to do more work with both Aubrey and Cody. Hopefully soon it will be hot enough to give the horses a bath.

The farm sitting is very therapeutic, the animals are really sweet and I am enjoying the trees and land too. I wish I had more farms to sit, it is a nice way to earn some money and at the same time allow people to go on vacation without having to worry.

Later today I have to pick up the check from the grooming I did and take Kylie to Home Depot, I plan on doing some housework since it's cold outside and gloomy. 

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