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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rolling right along

Yesterday I worked for a few hours at a locally owned pet store and had a very good time. I had a really busy day as I had a pet sit for a great little dog named Max and caring for Sheba and Will.

Today we went to the feed store and bought lime for the stalls and feed for the horses. Since we got a delivery of fresh sawdust it was time to blow out the stalls and make them smell fresh. I had to be at a friends house to help with a birthday party that Kylie was invited to.

Jennifer came and helped with Will and Holly came to see Sheba and helped me with the stalls so we could finish them in time. Shirley and Michelle helped with bringing in the big herd and letting out the little one while I was gone.

At the birthday party the golf cart melted down and the girls caught a black snake in a garbage can of all things. We promptly turned him loose. Then it was off to putt  putt and air hockey and the girls had a great time. We went back to Marcie's house and had pizza and I trimmed Honey's nails, she is a senior dog with really long nails and she had a bad experience having them trimmed once and she bled. I used my dremel so I wouldn't hurt her.

I came home once to feed the horses and went back for a little while and then came home for the night feeding of the two senior horses. I decided to take a hot bath and watch a movie. Time for quiet and me time. I've been going and going and I just felt like crashing with my dogs and finding myself.

It's been good and it's peaceful. I haven't had time to be thankful and talk to God. It's important that I don't drift away from Him because He is my friend. I know some folks won't understand what I am saying but He is and so there it is.

Tomorrow Will gets a visit from someone who may adopt him and I will groom him and another dog. We will be getting Cruiser back who is a little min pin and I hope the rescue can find him a good home. I never thought I'd be in the position of helping pets find new and good homes but here I am and chugging right along with it. I'm also thankful for many good friends I've made a long the way. When I worked at the bank all those years I met many people and got to know them over a desk but through mutual love of animals I have made life long friends. The friends and family I never had growing up. Yes, God is good. 

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