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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A whirlwind life

Chewy got returned to the rescue because he was protecting his food from the other dogs. He needed time to become a part of the household and that takes time. He's such a smart and sweet boy, the real person for him is out there. Sheba has a pending application and Cruiser is on the website for adoption. I hate to split them up they are so cute together.

Will is awesome and is in his final phase of training with Jennifer and is being socialized now with other dogs a little. Will is such a great dog and I know he has a very wonderful future. I wish people had as much resilience as these animals do after all they have suffered. Animals are so forgiving, science says they live in the moment but I know they have memories yet they carry on and rise to the occasion of a new life without hashing out the past.

Satire had a colic scare but is fine now. It was a stressful three days but it seems everything is going to be okay. Mare Girl almost got sick to but thank goodness she snapped out of it. Seniors are so fragile and it takes patience and caution to make sure they stay healthy.

Kylie is riding Aubrey beautifully and I am riding Cody more now and loving it. I had a beautiful fire last night with friends and starlight. Yesterday was truly a good day and I enjoyed the old oak tree and the beauty around me.

Man troubles plagued last weekend but it seems I survived the week and had a terrific weekend. Thanks to good friends. I have lost weight and am really thrilled about it, losing weight can really cheer you up for sure.

Business is picking up for October and I had a productive business meeting last week and hope to have another this week. My dad, has after all these years become supportive and even somewhat proud of me. I haven't really been close to my biological dad and he isn't the type to be supportive or approachable but I guess growing old gives pause for thought.

I hope for some cooler, sunnier days before the cold and damp returns. It would be nice to enjoy fall and get the farm ready for winter. My little part time job is very fun and I am meeting lots of animal folks. I really love helping pets and people.

Tomorrow is Monday and I am grooming and have business to call on and the regular chores. I hope to finally get the house cleaned. I put a new belt on my dryer myself. I asked several manly men to help but it seems it was to scary. It was a ten minute fix once I got the belt and a baboon could have figured it out. I am not a baboon but a very intelligent woman but you get the point :)

Clean clothes is really an important thing and we had them drying outside but the rain kind of blew that apart pretty quick. I am happy to have my dryer back and to have plenty of clean jeans. This isn't the kind of life that allows you to wear anything for long without barn smells and stuff or muddy paw prints to adorn you.

I did my highlights and used my thinning shears on my hair and I'm really happy with the results. It is good to feel better about myself again. Look out world I am ready to paint the town red or at least a little pink!

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