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Friday, September 30, 2011

One dimensional verses three dimensional

Heaven help us, I am in a philosophical writing mood! I meet lots of people and animals now and there are all sorts. I have the privilege of meeting dogs, horses, cats and birds that may have been emotionally injured or neglected and they come here to heal. I have met some really wonderful loving and giving people and also people who want to get "rid of" a pet or it's just a dog etc.

When I tell an animal's particular story to someone who is a caring person the reply is always the same "how could someone do that" to an animal. Well, I have a theory, I see things and feel things when I come into contact with an animal, I like to think of it as seeing them in 3D. Not everyone sees the world like that, they can only experience a one dimensional world. I'm not sure if people are born a sort of way or it depends on their life experiences and the amount of adversity they have experienced. I do know that experiencing a lot of pain and neglect as a child seems to heighten someone's ability to have empathy with another soul that has suffered.

One thing I am sure of, animals see the world in 3D because they grieve, they feel abandonment, and they love very deeply. They don't want to "get rid of" someone or it's just a human. Ours is a throw away society where things or sometimes pets are there for pleasure, status or whatever and then they are no longer needed and that is it. It is unfortunate for pets but also I have to remember it is so for children and people too in some cases. Plenty of children are neglected and abandoned either physically or emotionally or both.

As far as experiencing the not so good things in life as a child, I suffered and it wasn't easy but now looking back I would change little simply because of the person it has made me today. Sometimes it still isn't easy because there are flashbacks but I have lots of furry and feathery companions and counselors who understand.

I'm thankful for the good human friends I have made that feel the same and together we have helped some of these little creatures heal and find new homes. 

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