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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting checked out

I had to go to a clinic today to have some lumps checked out and I am relieved with very good news. They are not a concern at all according to the doctors. I hate going to a doctor and would rather eat worms but in this case it is what it is and I had to go get checked out.

I had an interesting day with a new dog I am pet sitting for and it was a challenge as well as a learning experience. Will is still doing very well on his walks and play time in the yard. The more he is exposed to the calmer he is becoming.

Tomorrow I hope to spend more time here at the farm cleaning the kenneling rooms. The week is going fast and furious with mostly good news so far. Griff brought over a used mower that doesn't have a deck on it to use to pull the small manure wagon. The wagon needed a new bolt and he put that on for us and we are good to go.

Kylie was very excited because Uncle Gregg let her drive his car down the driveway. She was so excited and proud, it seems like just yesterday she was riding a tricycle.

This morning was cold enough in the house to warrant trying to start a fire. I didn't have much success and then it seemed to warm up. With the drastic change in temps from 90 to 50 it just seems really cold. It is time to fix the dryer belt because it will take forever for clothes to dry on the line. I guess Uncle Gregg and I will attempt the repair this weekend.

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