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Friday, September 16, 2011

The blade of power!

It was cold and rainy but the day got nicer only it stayed cold. We went to buy some decent shampoo because I have wanted to save money where I can but to be honest with long hair a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do.

I bought the world's biggest poop scoop to and it will make cleaning up easier. We now have eight dogs in for boarding and I have four of my own so there is plenty of things to clean up. Nana got a bag of Avi-cakes today before she got really mad cause she is a bird that isn't patient.

Kylie road Aubrey today to practice riding outside. She is going with her dad on her first trail ride in October and she is nervous. I am a little nervous for her but it will be a great experience for her. Her dad helped me put a back blade on Big Red today so I could start filling in dirt where we had to dig up the water line. Now this whole has been around since spring and there have been plenty of men around to help get the blade on but always some excuse. Finally, I asked Dave to do it as he knew exactly how and it took a total of 5 minutes to attach the blade, another few minutes to figure out the hydraulics and maybe 10 minutes to tell me exactly how to move the dirt.

Move the dirt is what I did and I will finish filling in the hole tomorrow and I can move the dirt that was dumped to fill in the hole on the side of the house. So many things can now be done with such a big piece of equipment. There is plenty of labor intensive jobs around here and one thing that can make it easier is worth a great deal to me.

Next... the big manure spreader must be fixed... before winter... I guess I will have to resort to grabbing someone by the ear and not letting go till it's done....

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