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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A new life again

It's been almost three months since being laid off, I've had panic attacks, depression, ups and downs thinking about what am I going to do to keep us going. I applied for some help with the utilities and received some, I have applied for several jobs a day and still nothing and I even went on an interview last week for doing road side assistance.

I will probably be able to work part-time for the road side assistance company, I am going out next week with the driver to see if it is something I will be able to do. All of my transcripts are in so the enrollment is pretty much complete and I will start my courses in computer science to change careers next month. In the meantime I have advertised for pet sitting and  dog care in my home. I have gotten some interest and will take on the jobs when I find them for extra cash.

Kylie got her temps yesterday and I will be working with her to get her used to driving a stick shift and then getting her license. It will help if she is able to drive sometimes and especially when she goes to the career center next year.

The old pick up still hasn't sold, I can only sell it for parts but the engine has less than 50,000 miles. So it goes, working at different things to keep us going as long as I can. I can't think past the end of the month or I'll loose my mind. 

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