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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Puppy sitting

I am taking care of a sweet little dog over the weekend, he is the most well behaved little guy I've ever boarded. Frosty is a little dog and my dogs are all bigger than him, they have been watching over him when I let him out for some exercise and socialization. Daniel is very vigilant about laying down next to him and keeping watch over him.

Kylie went to work this morning and handled everything by herself today. I am very proud of her and she is making plans for saving money and doing some things for Aubrey, he will have to have his teeth floated and she plans on paying for it.

It's been a quiet day, I guess because it's colder and cloudier I have just wanted to sit around more, it does get on my nerves not doing something all of the time but really I need to do something else besides chores and taking care of everything, I have to learn it is okay to just sit and watch some TV or something.

I saw some flowers coming up outside and although the grass is still brown there are plenty of birds out that weren't here a few weeks ago. The horses have started shedding their coats, I brushed Cody out yesterday and he has lots of fuzzes left but it is starting to brush out. He was outside earlier and had rolled and was nice and dirty.

It won't be long before I'll be shaving the ponies and Daniel and cutting grass again. The mower is riding pretty rough, I was going to get it fixed but don't have the money now, just hope it keeps running till I can do better. Nana is yelling as she usually does this time of day, I love her but she can really break someone's concentration. When it gets totally dark she'll go to sleep unless she thinks there's food and then she'll wake up and come down and beg for it.

My lovely family of animals and Kylie, it is never dull and sometimes a little overwhelming. I can't imagine it being any different even when Nana is screaming. 

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