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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The week of discouragement

By the end of Sunday I was pretty tired and I didn't feel to energetic Monday either. I went to try out working for a road assistance company and managed to open car doors, the jump start was easy but changing the tire was difficult for me. The job requires speed and I know it would take me awhile to do any of it fast which presents a problem.

I got my ear chewed by my sister Monday night over an issue with my dad. I didn't want to subject myself to anymore of his abusive behavior and she thought I should just take it. I have pretty much cut all ties with my dad because he is a very unhealthy person to have contact with, there's noway around it. My sister likes to keep him happy for her own purposes and I just can't bring myself to play the game. It still leaves me with bad feelings because my sister tried to make me feel like a bad person. It is something that will bother me for awhile and then it will go away.

Today was a day of collection companies calling, that is the other side of being unemployed, wanting to pay your bills but not being able to, going without groceries to keep the utilities on and worrying about the animals that are part of your family and how long before you can't take care of them.

I would have to say that my energy level so far this week is at a very low ebb. I have applied for jobs and I still cruise the internet and try networking but I am feeling pretty low. It cold be too that the cold and snow has got me down. Thankfully it will warm up in a day or too and hopefully I'll feel more energetic. 

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