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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cold again, the search continues

We had a couple of days of warm weather and today it was really cold again, cold enough to put the horses blankets on for the night. Next week is supposed to warmer and I am looking forward to it. This week Kylie had testing and we went to Aldi's which I haven't shopped at for awhile but it was a relief because I could get groceries cheaply. We don't spend a ton of money on food because it is just the two of us but things are getting tough now, every penny counts.

Next week Kylie will try and get her temporary driving permit which will be fun because she is going to have to learn to drive a five speed. She did really well at her job this weekend and because she looks older she had a young man give her his phone number which totally shocked her. We talked about it and I think it will probably happen again and it is a good time for Kylie to learn how to handle situations because it is part of a woman's life.

Kylie got her first paycheck and her friends ask her what she was going to buy, she is planning to save most of it but she will help with the expenses and spend a little of it. Kylie is a good money manager and not impulsive, Aubrey needs to have his teeth checked and floated and she is going to take care of that and the blacksmith. It is a help to me because I won't be able to pay for those things.

I might have a part-time job I will know next week. I have also decided to do some pet sitting/boarding since the vacation season will be coming and it is a good way to earn extra money and it is fun to meet new dogs. If I can keep enough irons in the fire until something comes through or I get a degree in IT maybe everything will work out.

I've had to live on faith before and so here I am again. I sometimes wish there were a shoulder to cry on or even a hug with someone saying it will all be okay. Even as old as I am now I still have a moment here and there that I want to be weak and wish there was someone to lean on, even for just a few moments. I guess that's when I am at my lowest. It's just me and Kylie and although I have friends I don't have much in family. Of course, there are my dogs and they work hard to comfort me, they know when I am feeling lonely and sad. All of my animals are loving and they are amusing, the dogs had a very long day waiting for us to get home, they are sleeping now like they ran a marathon .

I still miss Dusti, sometimes I see him as if he were still here, I suppose it is because he was so much a part of our lives for so long. Sometimes when I am really low I wish I could just hold him close, we went through lots of ups and downs over the years together and he was always steady, always good and always with me. Dusti had the softest ears, he loved to be pet and would sit with dignity while I smooched him on his head, he never licked you like other dogs, once in a great while he'd politely touch your hand with the tip of his tongue softly and only once.

Today was my mom's birthday and tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, when Kylie was little I'd always buy cupcakes to celebrate both, mom has been gone now almost 14 years. It seems like only yesterday but when I look back, I sure have covered a lot of ground since then. My mom would have had a stroke if she'd known all the things I've done or had to do since she's been gone. I know she'd be bursting with pride over Kylie, even though mom was my adopted mom so we weren't blood relation, Kylie is so much like her it's unreal.

I started a nice fire and I am going to settle in with the dogs and sleep like I ran a marathon too.

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