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Friday, March 28, 2014

Trying to be productive

I put an ad on craigslist for farm sitting, we used to do it for people and it is a fun job. I got a call last night and I drove over to a farm this afternoon to meet with the owner to see if it would be a good fit. They will let me know tomorrow, I got to meet two seniors, one a mule and one a small horse, that is the fun part of farm sitting, meeting different horses and a variety of animals.

We drove out to find Ely our blacksmith who is Amish, you can't call him so you have to go see him to make an appointment. The little horses and the big horses all need trims, Ely only charges $15 a trim and he's a good blacksmith, Kylie is going to pay for the trims out of her wages and she bought some horse feed today to help out.

I am working on finding a cheap tow for the old truck so I can get it to auction and get it sold and will be shopping prices on Monday. Sunday the sheep farmer is bringing a round bale for the two little ones here. I am trying to keep everyone fed and the lights on so to speak. It isn't easy but God seems to provide things as we go.

I also visited a new customer's house and met her dog this week, I will be pet sitting over the holiday for her. I love animals and any bit of cash I can earn is a help.

Kylie has been practicing driving my 5 speed Toyota to get the hang of it, each time she tries to go in first gear she gets a little better. She will someday be driving herself around, she is saving money now for her driver's ed course.

I have one month before my classes start, I am anxious because the sooner I get my degree the sooner I can change careers. In the meantime I hope to pick up odd jobs or even land an underwriting job through the summer.

Yesterday Kylie put her English saddle on Cody and she rode him and when she was done I got up and rode him. I did pretty well, her English saddle is very comfortable and Cody is easy to ride. The barn was nice because we were the only ones there and we played with both horses and just relaxed. It is nice not to have to clean there stalls and have time to just play with them.

We are all in a hurry for the temperatures to be more spring like, it's tough going from one extreme or another especially after such a long cold winter. I hope to be shaving the ponies and the dog coats soon and be able to do little jobs outside around the yard.

I am hoping when the warm weather comes that things will get a little brighter and I will find a way to keep us all going. I'm proud of Kylie, she has grown up more the past few months and is happy with having more responsibility. She took her assessments for the career center this week for the engineering class, I think she did well and it is good for her to have something to think about and work towards. 

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