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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updates from the barn

Mare Girls eye has improved greatly, she still has some drainage from her cold and I called the vet. Luckily, I have a huge bottle of the same antibiotics she took before and we are going to treat her again to make sure she's over it.

Mare's weight has improved and I believe it is from the beet pulp, I talked to the vet about the benefits of continuing her senior feed with beet pulp added and it was agreed that is was a very good way to put weight on and keep it. Mare had enough energy yesterday to go out with the two quarter horses Will and Jackson, she was able to hold her own and was full of energy.

I got my new feed am hoping to see positive results. Everyone is changing over gradually and the horses that will eat beet pulp are getting that in addition until the pasture is ready.

Emptied the manure spreader this morning and have a friend of a friend that will fix the Cub Cadet before the grass starts growing, Andrew is looking for brick for building the individual kennels for me and he does have a lot of connections.

I'm working on putting together some material for dog training classes. I would like to do puppy socialization here because socialization is essential for any dog. Many unwanted behaviors can be eliminated by socialization or they never start to begin with.

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