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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow melts, and I feel better

Thought I was getting sick last night but I felt better today. The sun warmed the outside and it felt good to do the stalls and be outside for a change. The new feed seems to be doing well with my horses, both Aubrey and Cody were running and playing. Cody ran into the arena bucked and then ran towards the gate as fast as possible, came to a dead stop and slid into the gate. Cody hasn't done that in a long time, he used to slide up to the gate all the time when he was younger. He galloped and kicked up his heals more than he's done in a long time.

Buzzy's weight has come to a stand still, I am hoping the vet agrees with me and we can start an extra feeding during the day. Mare continues to look pretty good.

Preacher is such a good boy, he has recently stopped being the guardian of the gate with the other horses except echo and Mare. I prefer he be the guardian but he seems resigned to wait till the quarter horses go through the gate. Echo is easy going as ever of course. All the horses rolled today in the mud except Preacher, Echo and I think Jackson. I put fresh sawdust in Preacher's and Echo's stall and I noticed they had rolled when I went out to feed tonight because they had shavings on their back.

It's almost a full moon tonight, it's nice and bright outside and not too cold. I'll be taking Mare's blanket off tomorrow and no doubt she will get as muddy as possible.

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