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Monday, March 5, 2012

A great update on Mare Girl

Mare's eye has completely improved and I talked to the vet today, she said that it was a good sign that Mare's eye responded to treatment. It may be that the condition may not progress quickly and it may just be flare ups. Mare may be okay for awhile before anything else needs to be done. She did need another round of antibiotics for her upper respiratory infection but she has gained weight and got her energy and attitude up.

I have finally persuaded Mare that beet pulp is a good thing to eat. She does have dental problems and drops some hay balls so she may not getting enough fiber, hence the beet pulp which is 20% fiber. Mare's has gained weight in the past few weeks and that is remarkable during winter months.

I am relieved and happy that our Mare Girl "Angel" can continue to enjoy life. I saw Jackson run by the back doors the other day with Mare right behind him, giving him what for... So all is well. 

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