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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today was a reminder of what I love about my life

Chores in the a.m. then I picked up a load of sawdust and then back to the farm. I groomed two very large dogs today, it took awhile to dry them and the second dog had a tough skin condition. I am happy to say I got the crusty build up out of Peaches coat, washed, blew her coat out, trimmed and scissored her. She is much more comfortable now I think and should be feeling much better. I finished today with barn chores and the rest of the jobs around here at about 10 p.m.

I am tired but I feel really good about what I do. I feel very healthy and much more confident grooming because I have learned so much from the groomer I assist part time.

We brought a round bale in a couple of days ago for the paddock and the horses have pretty much devoured it. I call them in for feeding time and they waddle through the arena like customers in a buffet diner.

Micah our collie mix caught a groundhog in the backyard yesterday, first time ever. The groundhog got away after I caught Micah. We were all dazed with disbelief, it was tough on us tree huggers and I am sure the groundhog too.

The kennel runs are under construction and should be done by Sunday with the exception of the gates. I rebuilt the outer fence for the dog run and it looks much neater. I have some more rubber gravel to put in there plus I have to do some weeding.

Over the weekend we had neighbors help us with a dump truck, a bobcat, and a bulldozer. Things are slowly getting done here and we should even get some gravel for the driveway soon. I am left with rebuilding the fence to the large pasture after a section is graded properly and the fence is moved to make another paddock.

The only thing left will be to scrape and paint the house. The previous owner went through a divorce and the house sat vacant and it is in a very bad need of paint. Hopefully, that job will be done before winter. It would be a dream come true.

Buzzy a senior horse was moved on Sunday to a new barn that has a bigger community of people. Our barn is small and we focus on the care and happiness of the horses but unfortunately we are small and it is a quiet place compared to the large boarding barns.

We may have another senior coming in who lost his pasture buddy and seems to be a little depressed. I went to see the horse at his owners home and I really liked him. He was very sweet and I am sure we will be able to lift his spirits.

Tomorrow I will be working at the groom shop and I'm going to take Cooper one of my dogs in with me. It will be another busy day but I will get to meet a large variety of dogs and so I will be very happy. I love bathing and drying dogs, they feel so much better when I am done. I get lots of kisses and snuggles. 

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