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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, it's here finally

I passed three test cases and have one assigned for review. I have four more to pass to get my authority. It isn't easy, some of the experienced underwriters I came in with haven't made it. There is a plan for them but it will take much longer to get their authority approved.

I rode a horse last night which helped relieve some of my anxiety. As near as I can tell, I am suffering from fall out from the last 6 months of crisis. The owner's of the old house are still trying to nail me to the wall, apparently, 60k in two years isn't enough to satisfy them. My attorney will deal with it as best as he can and we'll see what happens.

Cooper got into the tomato plant this morning and feasted on tomatoes, he also got himself locked in the bedroom and ate a box. Cooper may be little but he is mighty and a stinker to boot. The pony & bit got out on grass yesterday for a short time. The grass is super green so they have to go slow.

The drive this week to work was tough as it seemed there was backup everywhere. It's great to get rain and I hope it helps the hay situation but now I have to find a window of weather to mow grass. I still have some unpacking to do and odds and ends.

It is good the weekend is here because I'm really tired, I also need some down time. Reviewing loans and submitting them to someone to review for errors etc. is very stressful.

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