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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work and dog grooming

I have passed a total of 5 test cases and have two more to go and then they will cut me loose. I am working on the 6th test care and should finish it tomorrow. I came home last night to a very stinky dog, Daniel smelled like he rolled in something. I trimmed his fur really quick with my clippers and took into the shower and washed him. Turns out he had a mat on his chest and had gotten a sore under it. The collar had caused the mat and rubbed his skin. I clipped the mat and cut the hair around the sore spot and he is all better now.

The horses are getting their hooves trimmed on Monday before they move to the barn down the street. They are all overdue for a trim. They have gotten their shots, their hooves will be done and next it will be time to get the dogs caught up on their vet checks.

Cody needs his teeth done and Aubrey now has wolf teeth. It is nice to get the things done for my animals that have been put off for so long. I love them all and it has been tough for them as well as for us and eventually with working full time things will be good.

The truck is leaking transmission fluid and the front end suspension is an issue so again it will take some time to get things caught up.

Kylie is really focused on her school work now and doing well. She is growing up so fast, she s working at the barn one day a week which gives her a chance to do something on her own.

I will be glad when the weekend comes, I am tired and it is nice to have some home time. I miss working outside and being home but I am less stressed now and that is good. We are surrounded by farms and open space, it is very good to be here. 

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