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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend and Today

The weekend was interesting with major snow on Friday and a major thunderstorm last night. My brother Greg was down for the weekend and we all had fun watching a movie and showing off the latest youtube videos.

Work as usual around the barn and we picked up more sawdust. I was able to work on the phones more on Sunday and that is good.

Today was a marathon day with feeding and some stall cleaning early, work on the phones, back to the stalls and then two golden retrievers to shave. Once they were finished it was feeding horses again, going to the bank and back to finish the rest of the stalls. I should have gone back on the phones but I'm really whooped. It was a full day. Tomorrow A.M. I'll try to make up some time.

It is good to get more grooming calls because it is a better way to earn money. I hope to build up more clients this year.

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