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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday afternoon just enjoying the day

I worked some today on the phones and will again later this afternoon. I tried a nap but the dogs would not stop barking at random cars. All is quiet otherwise though. I can't say this week was the best I've had sort of okay. The weather is getting tiring as we have had cold and snow or ice most days. It is gray way too many months here in northern Ohio and towards the end of the season it gets to be a real psychological downer. It will be happy days when we get a little taste of springtime.

Cody got his hooves trimmed yesterday and Randy said that Aubrey's feet were good. My friend Debbie Parker stopped by with a little present, a nice penciled drawing of William and Rauls.

My brother and neighbor are not feeling well and it seems they have the flu. They can keep it hopefully and not give it to us.

We are going to get more snow later so maybe I'll start a fire. I haven't started one in a couple of weeks. Micah is going to get a bath tonight since he was kind enough to roll in the middle of a pee spot in one of the stalls in the barn and now is super stinky. 

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