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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My brother is the best and my all day sinus headache

This weekend went pretty well for me. My brother came down Friday evening as he usually does to help me with stuff over the weekend. The two dogs we kenneled went home Friday night.

We got some things cleaned up and straightened up while the weather was decent. Greg my brother cleaned the back room in the block building up this morning. We mainly use that part of the building for storage but it was out of control for sure. We also moved the old furnace into the neighbors truck so it wasn't laying around on the ground anymore. I hate when things are just left and it looks junky, I just can't have that here.

We burned a pile of branches and weeds along with my large collection of empty feed bags and Greg moved more sawdust into the barn.

One really nice thing this weekend was turning loose Pony, Bit, Cody and Aubrey all out together. They were their own little herd and stayed out all day.

Preacher has thrown Echo over for the mare sadly. Angel doesn't really want to hang out with another horse but Preacher is hanging no matter what. So, the barn melodrama plays out before our eyes. 

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