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Friday, February 18, 2011

Spectacular day for horses and their owners

This morning was beautiful and I enjoyed breakfast in the sun room with the birds. Nana our Umbrella Cockatoo perches and watches the sunrise every morning and she is very happy, then she wants breakfast. She greats me with I love you and what are you doing and little noises letting me know she wants some of my pancake. She sometimes gets impatient with the microwave and will turn the volume up a bit to let me know.

I let the dogs out I am kenneling and fed the horses and started chores and when everyone was done eating I started letting them out. For the first time, Cody, Aubrey, Pony and Bit all went out together in the big pasture  as a herd and spent the day their in the sunshine. Echo and Preacher got some time with Angel and Satire got to cruise the barn and visit here and there.

The stalls are nice and aired out and it was a pleasure to work and not freeze to death. We have our share of mud but the brisk wind will cure that very soon. I did a temporary fix on the man door on the barn that opens to the back yard and did a little phone work and some this and thats.

I tried taking a nap and got a phone call with some drama but it passed. The owner of the two dogs I am kenneling picked them up tonight so that is less to do tomorrow.

I'm tired and hope to sleep well tonight. I sincerely hope we get a few days rest from the bitter cold and winter weather to catch up on some things around here and get some much needed vitamins from the sun. 

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