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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up on the blog

Found a supreme deal on shavings yesterday that just knocked me out! I am not telling how cheap but the stuff is great and I got it at a fraction of the price because they were frozen. No problem thawing them out, drying them and using them.

Found a cheaper supplier for bulk shavings by chance and got a call from a non-profit for employment. I had an interview today and I am really interested. I would be coaching impaired adults in grooming dogs. Two fold blessing here, working with animals and helping people. I love it! Don't know if I'll get the job but I am interested. It would be part time to start so that would work out well for me.

I have two more weeks of school and then I am officially done for awhile. My grade is low so I will have to pull it out of the fire but will do it if I try hard enough.

Been checking out singles on Plenty of Fish lately and have come across a couple of horse people that seem worth checking out. Some exchanging of messages is a good start as I have to get back in the game after a 10 year stretch of being alone. I am scared to death but I will just have to suck it up and just go for it. 

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