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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A better day thanks to benedryl and some sleep

I slept a little longer today but I felt much better, my eyes felt relief. We started off with a trip to the fleamarket which I love, it's a great way to pick up little things you can use and not spend a ton of money.

Next we rented a Mantis, the neighbors let me till with their big tiller and then I used the Mantis and got down and dirty. Following that it was helping Kylie with her health class and then mowing. Next some cleaning up outside and spraying roundup.

We went to see the horses for a little while but didn't do much because of the heat and being tired from the tiller.

I got some sun, the garden is ready to plant and that takes some big things off my May have to do list. Next this week is plant the garden, shave Daniel, clean some cages and move the bigger birds out into the sunroom.

During the week I have to clean the house up some and laundry but I can do that on my breaks.

Kylie will soon be done with school, the house work will be caught up and this summer can be all about the horses.

Relaxing now, a nice shower and then bedtime. 

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