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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A rainy cold weekend

We needed rain there's no doubt but it was cold and windy and an only too familiar kind of weather. Everything has greened up even more and I'm afraid the mower is going to give out, it needs work but now is not the season to send it in for repairs.

I made good use of the inside time and did some laundry and much needed cleaning. I want to be outside all of the time but sometimes you have to work inside to keep up with things too.

We went to the flea market today and it was fun just looking around. I found a little birdcage for $5 for Juliette, it is much smaller than the one she's in but just the right size for her. It will make it easier to put her in the sunroom once the weather gets hot. I cleaned the sunroom this weekend and it will be ready for them as soon as the nights get a little warmer. The birds love being out there, they can see everything and enjoy the sunlight. It's a big room and I need to get some comfy furniture so we can spend more time out there.

I didn't do anything special for Mom's day, it's just me and Kylie and so we just stayed home for the most part. We went to visit the horses and they both look great, Aubrey is still growing and looks even bigger than last month, he's going to be huge if he keeps going.

I'm cold and I'm sleepy, almost wish I had some chilly to eat, seems like it would be good on  a day like this.

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