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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A less than lady like admission

Just shaved the pony, there is nothing worse than shaved pony fur in your bra, itches worse than hay... not a very delicate thing to say but it's the truth.

Recycling, went to Goodwill and bought some small glass statues to put out in the gardens, although they have once been on a shelf they are pretty and inexpensive. I have some colored glass bottles too that are going outside for a little eclectic look.

It was a very busy day at work, I spared weed killer during lunchtime and then after work headed off to Goodwill for some T-shirts to work in because mine all are very worn. When we came back I shaved pony because it's going to get hot out and he has such a think coat he can't shed it out fast enough, he was grateful and stood very well. Little bit kept tormenting him while I was working and finally we let them both run out into the pasture again.

They sleep in the grass during the day and hardly come in the out building anymore, they drink the water out of a tub that fills with rain water. I know they miss the other horses but they have a good life here together.

I went to see the horses last night and they were out in a green pasture with grass up to their knees, they weren't very interested in visiting, just eating.

I have to shave Daniel in the next couple of days, his coat is really thick and he is really hot. Once I finish shaving, all the dogs will get a good bath and be done with the shedding for awhile. It is always a challenge in spring with so much grass to cut and so much fur to cut too.

I am itching all over, will be taking a good shower and throwing these clothes in the laundry for sure. 

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